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Terms & Conditions

Please read the below-mentioned terms & conditions before you proceed with us. All the terms mentioned here form a legal agreement between SKSPARTNERS and you.

If you click on ‘I Accept” or “I Agree”, or if you download or install using the services, you are accepting and agreeing to our conditions here.

If you do not agree to all these terms, then do not click on “I Accept” or “I Agree” or download or install our services.


“Application or App” or “Website” shall mean SKSPARTNERS, the mobile application or website developed and designed by the company for providing these services.

“Lender” means a non-banking financial company or the banks with whom the company tied up for loan sanction that would sanction, process, or grant the loan to the customer.

“Customers” or “you or “End-users” means any person who downloads, accesses, and views the platform as well as the services. “Loan” means the loan amount you may apply for using the forum and is sanctioned and granted by the Lender is subjected to the applicable terms and conditions of the Loan Agreement.

“Loan Agreement” means the loan agreement has to be executed between the Lender and the customer for loan granting, be it in a physical or electronic form applicable from time to time.

“Online Stores” mean Windows Store, Android Google Play, iOS App Store, or other online stores where the app is made available by the company to the end-users from time to time.

“Outstanding Amounts” means the Loan interests and the charges that are due and payable by you to the Lender on respective due dates.