SKS Partners


” Pro Bono work is as vital and essential for a Law firm as breathing is to mere mortals.”

Pro Bono assignments encourage ‘Diversity of Experience’. This comes through the fact that lawyers get an opportunity to not only volunteer but to gain rich experience. An Opportunity for Collaboration, become appealing to a younger generation of lawyers, to build skill profiles of the same younger generation. Pro Bono activities also enhance the Firm’s Reputation and most of all it Provides a Sense of Self-Fulfillment.

Some of our Pro Bono activities include :

1. Emergency Services Enhancement : A recently filed a PIL in Delhi High Court seeking direction upon the authorities to consider a dedicated-traffic signal free lane (Green Corridor) for emergency services.

S. K. Singhi & Partners LLP (formerly S.K. Singhi & Co. LLP) through Ankit Sharma(Senior Associate) & Vinay Kumar (Junior Associate) filed and argued a PIL before the bench headed by the Chief Justice, Hon’ble Delhi High Court, stressing upon the Need for Dedicated reserved lane for Emergency vehicles to save precious human lives which normally result in loss of life, due to delay in availability of urgent medical assistance in the hour of need. The Hon’ble court took note of the same and directed the authorities to take appropriate urgent steps in this direction.  Read more . . . . 

2. Avani Aspire : We have initiated on behalf of home-buyers of the project Avani Aspire,at Howrah, West Bengal, before NCLT Kolkata and High Court at Calcutta. We are representing more than 150 flat buyers who have lost their hard-earned money and dreams due to promoters indulging in fraud with the banks and investors, thus resulting in the project being stalled. The entire amount paid by home buyers has been drained without investors getting their apartments that were the target of their investments.

3. Impoverished Clients : We regularly provide free legal advice to various groups of people who cannot afford access to our legal judicial system, this on a pro bono basis. Some of our clients are daily wagers, domestic help, family service providers etc.

4. Advisory Roles : As a part of our Pro Bono activities and social responsibility we personally act as an external Expert member of the Academic Council of TNU university.

5. Speaking Assignments : Our Founding Principal participates as speaker in various seminars for benefit of students organized by Universities / Institutes on Pro Bono basis such as speaking assignments at Symbiosis Law School Nagpur, the National Legal Summit.