SKS Partners


Stressed Assets & Restructuring


1. Our dedicated team brings a wealth of experience in addressing the complexities associated with distressed assets. Whether it’s strategizing the turnaround of a financially stressed company or facilitating a seamless acquisition of such assets, we offer bespoke solutions tailored to the unique nuances of each situation.

2. Additionally, restructuring is not merely about financial realignment. It involves a holistic approach that touches various aspects of a business, from operations to legal frameworks. We guide businesses through each step, ensuring compliance with statutory provisions, safeguarding stakeholder interests, and most importantly, preserving value.

3. Our cross-disciplinary approach ensures that businesses navigate the restructuring maze efficiently and effectively. The aim is not just recovery but revitalization.

4. Furthermore, with the Indian market witnessing a surge in stressed asset transactions and the legal frameworks being in a state of continuous refinement, our team remains at the forefront of these developments, always ready to offer timely and pragmatic solutions.