SKS Partners


Capital Markets


1. Capital markets stand as the backbone of a thriving economy, facilitating the flow of capital and acting as a bridge between entities in need of financing and investors searching for lucrative opportunities. Our seasoned team is well-versed in the complexities and nuances of capital markets, offering a depth of expertise that spans various cities across India.

2. Our legal expertise in capital markets encompasses a wide array of services: from Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), bond issuances, and securitization transactions to regulatory compliance, due diligence, and corporate governance. We guide clients through every phase, ensuring that they navigate the intricate regulatory landscape efficiently.

3. Having advised a diverse clientele, ranging from investment banks, issuers, merchant bankers, underwriters, to institutional investors, our approach is holistic. We provide strategic insights, factoring in regional legislations and practices, while also staying attuned to national and global financial trends. This comprehensive view ensures our clients are not just legally compliant but also strategically positioned for success.

4. In a realm where laws and market dynamics are perpetually evolving, we take pride in our commitment to continuous learning and adaptation.